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Divine Sacred Money


The LIVE Workshop for Women Ready To Release The Struggle, Ditch the Scarcity, And Make Miraculous Money

Divine Woman,

It’s your time to transcend your fear, frustration, shame and stories around money, so you can become a powerful money magnet and ignite your infinite abundance.

It’s your time, Sovereign Queen, to heal your relationship with money, reprogram your wealth consciousness and clear your path for unlimited prosperity…

Unless you release the old, there won’t be any room for the new. This is your invitation to open your divine channels for receiving the sacred money that is your birthright and connecting to the universal supply of money that’s breathlessly waiting for you to claim it.

It’s your time to be a Sacred Money Manifestor and I’ll show you how…

Join me for a LIVE Transformational Training on Divine Sacred Money…

Let’s liberate you from the chains of never having enough…

Let’s shine the light on your childhood wounds, the suppressed anger begging for you to let it go, and the dark corners of your soul calling to be seen…

Let’s reunite you with your Source, your power and your truth so you can call in the money you desire...

Are YOU ready to release, rewire and realign your vibration with infinite prosperity so you can become the wildly wealthy Queen of your dreams?

The Divine Sacred Money Workshop will give you the divine rituals for freeing yourself from money scarcity, cleansing your sacred money energy field and invoking your full income potential, so you can manifest like a powerhouse and never feel broke again.

Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll receive:
  1. The sacred ancient tools for releasing your limiting beliefs and old stories around money so you can attract more of it than you ever knew possible
  2. The step-by-step process for creating new brain patterns and behaviours that feel effortless and bring you into a natural harmony with money (no more struggle!)
  3. The freedom to fully express yourself and your soul’s true purpose because you’re connected to an infinite supply of money (Mission: monetized)
  4. The keys to keep, grow and sustain your money health for the long-term instead of manifesting it quickly and spending every penny you make
  5. Unshakeable faith that money is on its way to you every second of every day because you’re tapped into source
  6. The process for manifesting miraculous amounts of money
  7. The Sacred Money Workbook so you can connect into your subconscious money story and purge yourself of your past trauma around money (the trauma/conditioning that is creating your current money experience)
  8. The Divine Sacred Money clearing ritual that will resolve your issues with money and redirect your neural pathways to fresh new ways of thinking about money
  9. Sacred money clearings live on the call so you can release the drains on your energetic field, spiritually detox yourself from toxic memories and open our divine channels to receiving infinitely more money

Bonus Gift

The Sacred Money Miracle Audio. This 30-minute Reiki Theta Activation will reaffirm your new beliefs around money and remind you that you are instilled with God’s infinite love and a direct divine connection to source, supporting you in all ways at all times.

“Before I met Randina, I was scheduled for a hysterectomy. She was sure she could heal me. Fast forward to today only a few short months after I began my journey with her… No surgery needed and I am healed! Plus she taught me how to manifest the money I needed too! It all works! Thank you Randina, you will always have a special place in my heart.”

Corean D.

“Randina has been the biggest asset to growing my business from an idea to a full flowing spa. I have been able to reach heaights I only dreamed of in such a short amount of time due to having her as my mentor. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my business.”


“From going through a horrible divorce to being with my soul mate. After having my daughter, going through a miscarriage after miscarriage being pregnant with a healthy little girl. From being broke and virtually living out of my car to owning a million dollar home. Struggling in business to being successful. Randina helps you make miracles happen. Honestly my life is proof!”


“Working with Randina has taken my life to levels I only previously dreamt about. From not knowing what I was going to do with my life and living in an endless struggle of money woes, to being the owner of my own business and experiencing a blessed income. I could not have made it this far this fast, without her wisdom, guidance, and clearings. I am so grateful for where I am and I am so exicted about where my life is headed. Randina you are a true asset to me, my business and my entire life.”

Roxzan Castro

“After I signed with Randina, I worked with my client. Turns out, she needs me to help her with ANOTHER audition and wants to pay me to read the script for her so she can really nail it! What an abundance of money already starting to flow my way! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for connecting me with all this good energy!!”

Alicia Ying Actress-Producer |

“Randina helped me in ways that more than doubled my income, fast. I am so grateful to her and anyone who works with her is blessed. Thank you Randina!”


Divine Sacred Money

Pay In Full Option

You’ll receive:

  1. The complete Divine Sacred Money Workshop
  2. The recordings of the Divine Sacred Money Workshop so you can listen back at anytime
  3. The Sacred Money Workbook
  4. The Divine Sacred Money clearing ritual
  5. Sacred money group clearings live on the call
  6. Bonus: The Sacred Money Miracle Audio

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Payment Plan: 3 consecutive monthly payments of $197

Divine Sacred Money VIP Upgrade Option


You’ll receive:

  1. The complete Divine Sacred Money Workshop
  2. A personalized healing of your deep rooted limiting beliefs and toxic money patterns from me live during the workshop, to get you into money flow
  3. The recordings of the Divine Sacred Money Workshop so you can listen back at anytime
  4. The Sacred Money Workbook
  5. The Divine Sacred Money clearing ritual
  6. Sacred money group clearings live on the call
  7. Bonus: The Sacred Money Miracle Audio
  8. Bonus: A 30 Minute in Depth 1:1 Personal Energy Clearing Session with Randina

This is a $3497 value

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Pay in full: $997

Payment Plan: 3 consecutive payments of $397

“I wanted to share some good news with you, because it is thanks to you! I've been "attempting" to reprogram my brain over the past 4 years or so but nothing has really clicked until after i joined your group... I've been participating in pretty much all the calls/ webinars (new moon, full moon, gratitude, etc) and things are finally clicking and I'm seeing huge changes... long story short, 1 month ago I had a convo with a friend and she told me to read The Magic, immediately... so I started Feb 1, finished yesterday, and WOW. I hit that 4k bonus yesterday! THANK YOU for everything you do!!”

Gina W.



(The Workshop is in a Virtual classroom format. It will be recorded, so even if you can't attend live, you will still receive all the benefits.).

Here’s What I Want You to Know

This sacred work isn’t slow, tedious or tiring. It’s rapid transformation that comes shooting in from all sides in an instant, infusing you with divine power and blazing hot miracles.

I can teach it to you because I’ve lived through my own scary money story, fleeing my abusive marriage with our 2 children and only $20 in my pocket.

But I’ve also lived through the other side of the sacred coin: rising from the ashes and ascending to my throne as the Queen of a multi-6-figure business, and it didn’t all happen by chance.

There is light on the other side of your darkness, but you have to choose to let it in.

The Divine Sacred Money Workshop is your invitation to close the door on your rollercoaster relationship with money, spending yourself back to zero, being too afraid to look at your bank account or believing there’s never enough.

Are you ready to step into sacred flow so you can live the abundant life you came here to live?

“After working with Randina, I was able to heal parts of myself that were blocking an abundance of blessings to flow into my life. One of these blessings I've experienced recently was money flow opening up for me. I got a $4,000 bonus. I have told Randina several times how grateful I am for her, because she has truly changed my life in more ways than one!”

Taylor g.